Uses of Class

Packages that use Task

Uses of Task in cluster5.client

Methods in cluster5.client that return Task
 Task ClusterInterface.getTask(java.lang.Long taskId)
          Returns instance of a task.
 Task ClusterInterfaceImpl.getTask(java.lang.Long taskId)

Uses of Task in cluster5.server

Methods in cluster5.server that return Task
 Task ServerInterface4UserImpl.getTask(java.lang.String token, java.lang.Long taskId)
 Task ServerInterface4User.getTask(java.lang.String token, java.lang.Long taskId)

Uses of Task in cluster5.server.datastorage.dao

Methods in cluster5.server.datastorage.dao that return Task
 Task TaskDao.getByAllocationTag(java.lang.String allocationTag)
 Task TaskDao.getById(java.lang.Long taskId)
 Task task)
          Saves or updates a Task in(to) the database.

Methods in cluster5.server.datastorage.dao with parameters of type Task
 Task task)
          Saves or updates a Task in(to) the database.

Uses of Task in cluster5.server.managers

Methods in cluster5.server.managers that return Task
 Task TaskManager.getTask(java.lang.Long taskId)
 Task TaskManager.getTaskToProcess(java.lang.Long terminalId)

Methods in cluster5.server.managers with parameters of type Task
 void task)
          Saves/updates specified task into the database.